How long do you think TJ was employed by K-Mart? Well....The very next morning I was on the phone to the manager of the Oak Harbor K-Mart. I told her the entire story of what was going on and what TJ was being accused of. I gave her my website address, and faxed her a copy of this exact post. TJ suddenly became unemployed!!! And of course Ronnie added his profile song update as well. His song title is "Read My Mind". His list of songs all concern murder, death and dying.

When TJ finally made to Ivy's place in Oak Harbor, Washington, he let it be known. He had yet another profile name and this was his message to Ronald Massey.

As you can see, Ivy and his then wife Savanah have set up a room at their place of residence for TJ to flee to. Both Ivy and TJ's girlfriend Kirsten ask TJ why he continues to make new profiles.

It took TJ a month to figure out how to get to Washington to take advantage of the Aiding and abetting offer made by Ivy. But you can tell there is a plan coming together. Another new profile. "See The Bliss On The Horizon". His song of choice has suddenly changed to "Feelin' Lucky Punk"!

On Feb. 28th, eight days after the Arson, Ronnie was ordering TJ to flee from Lake Havasu. Ivy (bottom post) first told TJ on Feb. 28th to leave Arizona to move to Washington State and hide out with him and his then wife. And as you can see the middle post is from Barbara Doyle Massey. The "Mother" of all mothers!! TJ then responds with a new profile, "Rock Bottom"!

Change in plans. Have to change gears for a minute. I was contacted by a Federal Police Officer that has an interest in TJ Wilson fleeing from a felony Arson investigation with the help and planning of his friend Ivy (it's a guy believe it or not)! He is also quite interested in the way the brothers started getting messages to me, when they knew Mohave County Sheriff's Office was monitoring their social media accounts. Ronnie Massey referenced one of the new profiles "Rock Bottom". About the "Meat Pie for Life" profile title, I'll tell you how that came about. TJ Wilson had posted all over his social media page, "God I love men"! Ronnie had a fit over it so TJ went and took Kirsten as his first ever girlfriend, and the name was born!!

 Now you can see the wheels turning in TJ's brain dead skull. He now introduces yet another profile. Good ole' Ivy offered to aid and abet during the commission of a Felony Arson and Domestic Terrorism. TJ's no longer at "Rock Bottom", he's now simply "Under A Rock". However now his title reads "Spirit in Black Until the End"! His song of choice changed to "Pondouring".