It's been a couple of months since I've posted anything boys. I certainly don't want any of you criminal thugs to think I've forgotten about you. That's definitely not the case. I have been working on new and improved methods to make certain your names, faces and crimes are out for all to see. I've had more than enough time to think this over. Y'all ran like the cowards you are. So why should I get in a big rush to finally get this Arson/Terrorism case tried before taking every opportunity available to make certain your names, faces and crimes are seen by the world? I can, will and am making certain that your crimes follow you for the rest of your natural life!! God help you every single time someone Googles any of your names. Guess what pops in the top 5 of most every search engine? That's right...Me. And from the looks of the number of visits to this site daily, folks are Googling names on a regular basis.

Now here's a thought...If you don't like what I have to say then sue me!! One would think the City of Lake Havasu would demand the immediate removal of the site, if I were telling anything other than the truth.  They blocked me from ever posting on their social media. The city has been all over my website, it's not like they don't know it exists. I shared links to my site with The FBI, DOJ and every other government agency known to man. I'm certainly not hiding behind a computer making idle threats Ronald Lynn Massey and TJ Wilson, Jr.