Okay boys...let's get down to business, shall we? See what I did there boys? I asked you as if you had a real choice in the matter. WELL...YOU DON'T!! I had a brilliant idea. Rather than wasting my time and energy on getting your faces and your crimes out for the world to see via FaceBook, I think BILLBOARDS are the way to go.  Now, I already know what you're thinking. No billboard company in existence would allow me to post every single one of your photos, with names to go along with them. And detail all of your involvement in these Terroristic Threats, and the actual Arson itself. Well, as it turns out I have friends in low places. I have an entire town full of businesses that have agreed to hang posters in their businesses. Each business has agreed to hang a minimum of 6 posters throughout their businesses. That is one poster per person. Ronald Massey, TJ Wilson, Melanie Diana Serna Massey, Joe Fiumara, Richie Sloma and Nathan Adler. I chose not to create a poster of Barbara Doyle Massey, the bothers Extra Large and thinks she's in charge mother of all mothers. The mother that publicly posted on TJ's social media, "Get Out While You Still Can", just hours after her two demon children committed a FELONY ARSON!! I'm not wasting 3 posters just to put her face out there!!

You can't go anywhere anymore that people aren't whipping out their phones and taking pictures and videos of anything and everything. The city I live in is all about tourism. It's how this town survives. We also have record breaking numbers of tourists that literally flood this city. Your faces will be popping up everywhere. See how this works. You low life criminal thugs wanted your 15 minutes of fame, and yet I think you deserve so much more.