Check it out BOYS! An ex NFL (Miami Dolphins) player posted this to his social media account. He did NOT carry out any threat that may be assumed to have been attached to his post. Yet he was ARRESTED and CHARGED. You boys not only made TERRORISTIC THREATS but you carried them out as well.

Okay BOYS, let's discuss where things stand, shall we? I am creating a new FaceBook post detailing exactly what is about to take place. I will again BOOST that post (pay to send it to thousands of news feeds around the world) and make certain that as many people around the world see your faces, and know what you did, as humanly possible. I will let you know up front that I am petitioning the court for a change of venue. After the creation of this website, my chances of getting a fair trial in Mohave County went from ZERO to NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!! Now all of you on the other hand will stand in a court room in whatever city and/or whatever state knowing that 9 out of 10 people in that court room already know who you are and know what you did.

Ronald Lynn Massey and TJ Wilson, Jr., I haven't said a word about your Extra Large and Thinks She's in charge Mother of ALL Mothers, Barbara Doyle Massey. Nor have I mentioned your wife Ronald Massey. Melanie Diane Serna Massey. Oh wait, did I mention that Melanie Diane Serna Massey has DRUG WARRANTS in Mohave County. If you don't believe me Melanie Diane Serna Massey, then please feel free to contact the Mohave County Sheriff's Office @ (928) 453-0745. Be sure to tell them Terri sent you. That means that all of you will be gathering together soon for court, somewhere in Arizona. I just announced that you have DRUG WARRANTS Melanie. What ever will you do? Just for the record Melanie, DRUG WARRANTS are NOT like unpaid debts on your credit. They don't fall off your record in 7 years. Don't believe me? Contact Mohave County Sheriff's Office @ (928) 453-0745.

Barbara Doyle Massey...Pay very close attention. We loaned you $800.00 so you could replace the carpet in 2 rooms in your house. I only let you borrow it so you could put that dump up for sale and go begin your life being a BURDEN on Prescott Valley, Arizona. I will get my $800.00 dollars worth the minute I put all of your business out there for the world to see. And I fully intend to discuss your TERMINATION from Terrible Herbst over a $10,000.00 lottery ticket that YOU cashed in!! In court it's crucial to establish someone's credibility. That's what I'm doing here. Establishing your credibility, or lack thereof!

The real ARSON Investigator that was sent out by the insurance company states that the fire appears to have been set for me to walk into, but the fire took off and got away from you. When that is proven in court, that will turn this into a premeditated attempted Murder! Given the fact that each of you made threats to kill us, then publicly posted those threats makes this case a breeze to prove in court.

Let me fill you in on a little secret boys. I have absolutely no intention of taking this case to court prior to making certain that the majority of the world has seen your faces, and know what you did. That way if any of you follow through with your threats since this story is drawing a massive amount of attention right at the moment, the REAL POLICE know right where to look.

I found a message I received to be quite interesting. One police department contacted me with a request. They stated they knew I was aware that they were on my website since it's obvious that at least one tracker exists. The message simply asked that I not disclose on my website the fact that this particular PD had been on my site.They were watching one of you extremely closely, and I don't believe that has changed.Where I live, the entire police department knows who you are. These are real police. You're more than welcome to come and find out for yourselves!!

I'm no longer a mile and a half off road. It no longer requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle to reach me. I'm right out in the wide open.