Well boys...looks like you fools are drawing quite a following.

Here is a partial listing of daily visitors. These are the cities they represent.

1. Dallas

2. Houston

3. Walnut Creek

4.New York City

5. Bellevue

6. Dearborn

7.Los Angeles

8. Port Charlotte

9. Sacramento

10. Cambridge

There are the top ten (10) cities that have people checking on you daily!

11. Redmond

12. Helena

13. San Mateo

14. Norwalk

15. Lake Havasu City

16. Las Vegas

Do I really need to continue? I heard through the grapevine that one of you losers are upset over a potential employer Googling your name. As I understand it, you didn't get the job after all. Hahahahaha! Obviously my site is doing it's job! Since I am now aware that you're actively pursuing employment, I will actively promote my site and your photo, to keep my site in the top 5 of all major search engines. Good luck the next time someone Googles your name!!

I made a decision along time ago to fight back despite the fact that the Lake Havasu City, city government tried to cover up this Arson and Domestic Terrorism. Lake Havasu City made it virtually impossible to get this case into court. As luck would have it there is no statute of limitations in the state of Arizona for Domestic Terrorism!! Not to mention the fact that you two cowardly brother demon spawns ran to avoid prosecution. When you ran, you literally stop the hands of time. since neither of you have ever come back or been brought back to Arizona, the statute of limitations clock will never start to tick.

The truth of the matter is boys, I could get this case before a judge, but why? Once this case is heard I can assure you I would be ordered to remove this site! I would rather see you criminal thugs pay for your crime for the rest of your lives, because the information and your photos are on the internet to stay!! Best of luck with your job searches and the googling of your names by potential employers!