Ronald Lynn Massey & Timothy Joseph (T.J.) Wilson, Jr.

For over two years I fought the Lake Havasu City Municipal Government in whatever way I could. In April of 2009, I contacted Mohave County Attorney Matthew Smith. I toId him I was about to start the recall process on him, since the police department he defends is so, so, so very CORRUPT. On April 14th, I received an email from Matthew Smith. He states that he doesn't have a clue who I am, nor had he EVER heard anything about an ARSON in Lake Havasu. I was at a complete loss. How could the County Attorney NOT have known? Less than 24 hours later I received a second email from Matthew Smith. His response to me on April 15th was absolutely PRICELESS!! His second email was nothing more than par for the course. He emailed copies of the two letters he mailed to me.

An ARSON was committed, the cops now believe Ronald Massey and T.J. Wilson are responsible, and the Mohave County Attorney Matthew Smith isn't sure if anything can be done about it?? REALLY??? Are you kidding me?? I knew the cops were involved from day one in this ARSON, and the cops knew they were involved from day one, but the County Attorney was apparently lied to by Havasu PD, and I had to prove it. I had a plan. Since I was posting new updates on my website constantly, the Today's News-Hearld newspaper was on standby.  They hit my site many, many times a day following the fight between myself and the Lake Havasu City Municipal Government. I knew to make front page news, I had to make a bold, newsworthy move. So I filed a Notice of Claim/Notice of Complaint against Lake Havasu City. I also emailed a copy to the newspaper. I was interviewed by phone, and then the reporter interviewed Joe Fiumara and Richie Sloma.

Ex Police Captain Joe Fiumara and Ex Police Lt. Richie Sloma had NO idea the county attorney had sent me the letter above, three months earlier. Read both articles closely. Fiumara and Sloma aren't smart enough to cover up a pile of dog poop, and someone put them in charge of covering up an arson?

I posted a question on ATF's Facebook page. I was wanting an answer as to how ATF came to the conclusion that my claims had "No Merit", when the proof was all over my site. I got an answer, just not the answer I was expecting. An ATF officer responded, explaining that there was NO POSSIBILITY of ATF saying any such thing. He explained that the ONLY way possible for ATF to get involved in this arson, was if the FBI requested ATF review the case. He explained that the FBI was clearly NEVER informed of this arson, and ATF would have referred Fiumara to the FBI. Fiumara said in the article that I couldn't prove drugs were being sold out of the house. I thought I proved they were being sold out of the garage.