The husband and wife traveled a lot, leaving the two teen aged daughters home alone in a house out in the middle of nowhere. The wife would call me several times while they were out of town to have me check on their house and report back to her. She would call me late at night to see if the daughters were home alone or if the house was full of kids. The two daughters and all the kids that they had over while their parents were gone, were well aware of the fact that the wife was calling me to find out what her step daughters were actually doing. 

After buying this 10 acre horse ranch we had the house 20 miles down the road in Havasu that we needed to do something with.  I didn't want to sell the house, I wanted to rent it out to someone that really needed a place to live and would take care of it.  That's when the two TERRORIST brothers entered our lives. We knew their mother, and had for some time. She announced that she and her husband would be leaving Lake Havasu to become a burden on society in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Let's be real and call it like it is. Neither the mother or the step father had jobs. She got fired from hers and I don't know that he ever worked. She said that the step father didn't get along with her two sons, so they were not allowed to become burdens on society with them in Prescott Valley. However both of the brothers were working in construction. When I met with the brothers 3 or 4 times before I rented the house to them, they seemed like nice, hard working guys. Ronnie was 24 or 25, and T. J. was just turning 18.  Ronnie had a young daughter that he saw on weekends.

I knew that the brothers didn't make a lot of money and had nothing in the way of furniture to their names. We furnished the house for them so they could buy everything else they needed for the house. To simplify matters even more, I charged the brothers $500.00 a month rent and the mortgage payment was $1,000.00 a month. We paid the other half. The rules were:

1. No one other than Ronnie Massey and T.J. Wilson were allowed to live in the house. I made it clear that they could not allow any other person to move in.

2. There was to be no remodeling of that house in any way, shape or form. Ronnie was laying tiles in new homes and he asked if he could remove the linoleum floor in the kitchen and lay tile. I had seen some of his work and he did a nice job laying tiles, so I agreed to allow him to lay tile in the kitchen only.

3. There was to be no late night parties. T.J. was in a band and I didn't want them playing their music at all hours of the night.

The brothers agreed and signed the lease. I also made a deal with the brothers for an incentive to get them to take care of the house. I told them and I put into writing that if the two of them could go one year paying their rent on time and I didn't have to chase them down, then I would sell them the house for exactly what we owed on the house, and we would carry the note for 3 years. 

I had broken my knee cap and was on crutches when we bought the Heights property. We moved as much as possible to the new house and left everything else at the house the brothers were going to move in to. I fully intended to hire someone to move everything out of the old house prior to the brothers move-in date. Two weeks before they were legally entitled to move in, I went by the house to take inventory of everything that had to be moved. Before I got to the front door, I could tell someone was inside the house. I unlocked the front door and walked into the living room. Immediately to my left was the door to one of the bedrooms. I looked inside and there stood Ronnie, T.J., and Ronnie's friend Brandon. I asked how they got in. Ronnie gave me a song and dance about they came in through a window to try and help me out. They were going through our belongings and throwing it into boxes which they put in the garage. They dented a brand new $2,000.00 washer and dryer set. I was furious. I explained that was breaking and entering and I intended to pursue charges. Ronnie started crying like a crazy person. I stood and stared in disbelief.  I listened to their stories of trying to help me because of my leg. I agreed not to file charges but assured them there had better not be another problem or they would be put out. They apologized and I agreed to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Move in date finally rolled around and Ronnie and T.J. showed up to the house. Right on their heels was their worthless mother. We had to buy all new furniture for the Heights house, so we decided then we would furnish the house for them. They were so happy to find out they could use the furniture. First month there were no problems. Second month.....not so much. I went over to the house to collect the rent. They walked outside and handed me the money. I knew something was up by the way they were acting. They did not want me going inside. So....I went inside. There is Brandon laid out and sound asleep on the couch, and all of his belongings in the living room. I said anyone care to explain? I listened to Ronnie's dramatic story and told him I would have Havasu PD come out right then and trespass Brandon. So I called Havasu PD. Who shows up? That crooked and corrupt side kick Lt. Richie Sloma. 

I explained the situation to Sloma and told him I wanted Brandon trespassed and made to leave. Sloma tells the brothers he wants to talk to them and Brandon inside, so they go in and close the door. Sloma comes out a few minutes later and informs me that Brandon was kicked out of his house and had nowhere else to go. I informed Sloma that wasn't my problem and I wanted Brandon out now. Sloma says he's only been here a few hours and technically you can't prove he has actually moved in. I said all of his belongings are in the house. Sloma said he was invited over so you can't force him to leave. I said I beg your pardon, I want him out of my house. Sloma said, not going to happen. He said Ronnie and T.J. have a right to have guests. I said then you go back inside and tell the three of them that I will be back in an hour or so with eviction notices for all three. Sloma said no, they haven't done anything wrong and you have no grounds to evict them. I said is that a fact? I said watch me Sloma, it's my house therefore it's my rules, not yours. I returned a little over an hour later and served all three eviction notices.

As I am serving these notices, Sloma drove past the house. I drove a very large white Hummer H2, so it wasn't hard for Sloma to figure out I was there. Sloma stops and informs me that I am in fact harassing these two brothers by serving the eviction notices. I said how do you figure that? I said as a matter of fact Sloma NO ONE called you out to this house, you just passed by and decided to stop and act a fool.  I said you are trespassing pal, leave my property immediately.  Sloma starts laughing, which in turn got the three idiots being evicted started up. I took out my cell phone and called 911. I demanded the police chief get his butt to my house immediately because Sloma was leaving my property, one way or another!! I heard the call come over the radio and the stupid look of disbelief come across Sloma's face. Good ole' Police Chief Dan Doyle ordering Sloma to return to the police station. 

That evening I got a phone call from Ronnie. He stated that Brandon had left the property and there would be no more problems. I said I was standing firm on my decision and I was going through with the eviction. After a few minutes of arguing back and forth, Ronnie informs me that he and T.J. have no where to go and no money to get a place. I explained that was not my problem, I was to my limit. Ronnie then informs me that if I do in fact go through with the eviction, he and T.J. will set the house on fire. I hung up and drove 20 something miles down the road to the police department. I explained the situation and they ordered me to have a seat, an officer would be with me soon. I sat down and waited as ordered. Finally a door opens and there stands Sloma. He said you wanted to see me? I said any one BUT you. He said oh well, I'm assigned to this case. I said what case? He said whatever it is you are here for. I explained to him that Ronnie was threatening to burn the house if I evicted them. Sloma says, "Well, making threats is NOT illegal". He said it's only illegal if he were to act on the threats. I explained to Sloma what the definition of a MORON was, then demanded to see a real cop. I walked out and told the lady behind the bullet proof glass that I needed to speak to a real cop. A few minutes later, out walks Police Captain and master of corruption, Joe Fiumara.

I explain the situation to Fiumara. He then exits the room to go and speak with Sloma. When he returns he states that Sloma is absolutely right. He explained that Ronnie wasn't intending the comment to be taken as a threat, he simply said it out of frustration of having no place to go. I said Fiumara, it is illegal in every city in every state in the United States to make threats to burn down someone's house, except Lake Havasu? He said it wasn't meant as a threat. I said I give up, I am going to talk to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office. So I head down the street to see the Sheriff's Office. I explained exactly what was taking place. The Deputy I spoke with said off the record, the Havasu PD is a really corrupt bunch, be careful and watch your back. He said the hope was the new police chief (Dan Doyle) would be able to straighten the department out. The Deputy filed a report with his office so there was a record and a paper trail in the event anything happened, but the matter was not within their jurisdiction.

At this point I wasn't sure what Sloma's beef was with me, but I knew I was headed for an uphill battle. I backed off of the eviction because I didn't want the brothers setting the house on fire, and Sloma wasn't the least bit interested in Ronnie's threats. Sometimes you have to chose your battle, and that wasn't a battle I was ready to take on. I told the brothers they had one more chance to prove themselves, but they needed to start looking for a new place to live. They assured me there would be no more issues.

To make a long story short....This went on for 10 very long months. I served seven eviction notices throughout the 10 months. Ronnie moved his girlfriend Melanie Diane Serna into the house. T.J. then moved his girlfriend Kirsten in as well. So I served everybody. Over the course of the 10 months Ronnie and T.J.'s threats went from burning the house if I evicted them, to killing us. The brothers posted their threats to burn the house and to kill us on social media, which is where these photos originated:



Ronald Lynn Massey & Timothy Joseph (T.J.) Wilson, Jr.

We owned a house in Lake Havasu. We had several dogs that had been rescued from abusive situations. As the request grew to rescue more animals, we quickly outgrew the house. We then purchased a 10 acre horse ranch 20 miles away from Lake Havasu, in Havasu Heights. If you enlarge the photo to the right you will see two houses. The house in the left of the photo is our house. In the front right side of the photo is our horse stalls. And to the right of our house, in the center of the photo is the second house. It was the only other house around for about 2 miles.

This is a view from our backyard. No one else around for as far as the eye can see. In the house on the hill above us, lived a husband and wife and the husband's two teenage daughters. They were our only neighbors, as well as the builders of both houses. They lived in our house for a few years prior to building the 5,000+ sq. foot house on the hill behind us. Each house and property was worth well over a million dollars each, so this wasn't the "projects" by any stretch of the imagination. When we bought this property, it never once crossed my mind that we could be forced to become prisoners in this house, at the hands of two DOMESTIC TERRORIST brothers. 

We could not have asked for better neighbors. He was an assistant head coach for the Havasu Heat. The wife was well known throughout the community for her knowledge of horses. I didn't know anything at all about the two teenage daughters, other than they were his kids from another marriage.

I finally got up my nerve to go through with the eviction, and I went to court and filed. I wasn't sure if the house was actually going to go up in flames, or if they were in fact, idle threats. It was a chance I had to take. I served Ronnie, T.J., Melanie, Kirsten and Brandon. They had until midnight on Jan. 19th to vacate the property, or the Sheriff's Office was going to step in and evict them from the property. On Jan. 20th at 8:00 a.m., I entered the McCulloch house. As I opened the front door and walked inside, I was met by one of the two cats left behind. These cats had been with their family for years. I immediately called animal control to come and take possession of the cats. They were left with no food or water, so I fed and watered them until they could go away. I looked at all of the damage to the living room. I went in both bedrooms and the kitchen and the damage was unimaginable.


                            A.                                                                        B.                                                                         C.                                                                       D.

A. The top photo is carpet and padding the brothers cut out of random areas of the house. The bottom photo is T.J.'s room. A very large square area of carpet was cut out of half of the room. Ronnie used that carpet to line the back of his broke down van. The van was broken down in the driveway, and the carpet was inside, lining the walls of the van.

B. The top photo is looking into Ronnie's bedroom. Carpet was cut down the middle and removed from half of the room. A large hole was knocked into the wall of the master bath, and a major water pipe was destroyed. The couch cushions were set on fire. The bottom photo, well that was just a bonus. Careful what you put on the internet boys!

C. The top photo is more carpet and padding piled up. The 280 z in the photo was ours. The brothers stripped the car.  The bottom photo shows half of the carpet was removed from the living room. If you enlarge the photo and look really close you will see the linoleum floor in the kitchen is completely intact. That linoleum floor proved to be the downfall of Police Captain Joe Fiumara. That floor will eventually prove Fiumara and Sloma are the most corrupt cops and it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, they tried to cover up the arson.

D. That is the fire pit the brothers used to break up out furniture and burn it in the backyard.

Soooooo.......After calling animal control to come and get the cats, whom else should one call? That's right, hotline to Havasu PD. One hour later who do you think showed up? If you guessed Lt. Richie Sloma, you win. I said I don't want to deal with you so call out someone else. Sloma said I'm assigned to this case. So I take him inside and show him all the damage. Sloma looks in every room of the house and walked into the backyard. I said look at the fire pit Sloma. I said they broke up our furniture and burned it in the illegal fire pit, and there is a no burn ordinance in effect. Sloma said you need to get all of this burned stuff cleaned up and the rest of that carpet picked up so it doesn't get scattered in the neighborhood. I said I need a police report Sloma. He looks at me and said why, there hasn't been any crimes committed here. I said Sloma, that is felony vandalism, and I want to press charges. Sloma said oh no, "This is definitely a landlord/tenant matter and definitely NOT a police matter", therefore NO report would be filed which would result in no charges being filed. Sloma said landlord/tenant matters are dealt with in court so his suggestion to me would be, sue them. I said I need a police report. So he walked out to his car, got in it and left.

I went by the McCulloch  house every single day trying to clean up the mess and see what other damage had been done. I had two of the largest dumpsters I could find, delivered to the McCulloch house. I boxed up all of the brothers belongings that they left behind, and stored it all in the garage. By law I was required to hold their possessions for 30 days, so I did. Ronnie fled to California to become a burden on Melanie Diane Serna's family. There were her parents, Melanie and Ronnie and her siblings all in a two bedroom apartment.  And then there was T.J., left homeless in Havasu.

I started noticing that things in the garage were being gone through, but made to look like nothing had been touched. So I started coming to the house at different times of the day and night to try and catch the person breaking into the house. Sure enough, it was homeless T.J. breaking in the house in the middle of the night. He had nowhere else to go, so he would break in and sleep in the house I evicted him from. I called Havasu PD every single time I caught T.J. inside the house, and demanded charges be filed for breaking and entering. Lt. Richie Sloma informed me that I needed to stop calling and bothering Havasu PD with the breaking and entering calls, unless and until I could prove T.J. was actually in the house. I said when I call Havasu PD it's because he is in the house right then and there. I said if you sent someone out they could go in the house and see him for them self. Sloma said it doesn't work like that. You say for a fact that it's T.J. that is breaking into the house, so you have to prove it before we can get involved.

I called the next morning and had all of the utilities turned off in the house. I wasn't going to make it easy for T.J. to live there. I turned the water off at the house, rather than have the city shut it off. I was trying to get that house cleaned up and I still needed the water. T.J. began turning the water back on when he would break in, so he could flood the bedroom where they busted the water pipe. So now I am having to drive back and forth to the McCulloch house every two hours to go into a dark house, knowing this criminal thug is inside, to make sure the house wasn't being flooded. I finally was forced to call the city to shut the water off completely, but in the meantime, I didn't need a flooded house. Havasu PD was standing their ground, and I was completely on my own against T. J. Wilson, Ronald Massey, Barbara Doyle Massey ( I want to make sure my site comes up in the event ANYONE Google's Barbara's name, or all the rest of you for that matter!), and anyone else they chose to bring with them to help them fight their battles.

So it took the city 2 weeks and 3 days to come and shut the water off to the property. Our house is on the EXACT SAME STREET as the Police Dept., Fire Dept., Public Works and City Hall. That's right, 2 weeks and 3 days!! In the meantime, I boarded up all of the windows. I nailed 2x4's across the inside of the doors to try and keep T.J. OUT!! So I get a NASTY letter from Lake Havasu City Municipal Government. It says no way, no how, will I ever be allowed to board the windows up on that house. REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY, or the city would fine me on a daily basis until I complied. So I answered the city's letter. My response want a fight, you got one. Commence to fining me, but hell will freeze over before I take the boards off of the windows. I said the police are allowing a criminal to continue to break into my house, so if you want to fine me then knock yourself out. Two days later.....Hell apparently froze over and I wasn't aware of it. The city took it upon themselves to remove the boards from ALL of the windows. I went to Home Depot and bought bigger boards and REALLY BIG NAILS! I wasn't playing. The city sent out people to REMOVE THEM ALL AGAIN!! How can you possibly send someone on my property, without my permission, knowledge or consent, and remove boards from my windows? That is ILLEGAL AS HELL!! You can send me a letter and take me to court, but you cannot legally step on my property and take those boards. that is THEFT!!

It was time to fight back, and I had a plan. It's time for Round 2!!!