Ronald Lynn Massey & Timothy Joseph (T.J.) Wilson, Jr.

Ronald Lynn Massey, Timothy Joseph Wilson, Jr., Lake Havasu City Police Chief Dan Doyle, Ex Police Captain Joe Fiumara, Ex Police Lt. Richie Sloma and "Fire Investigator" Nathan Adler, enough is enough. It's a new year with Donald Trump claiming to be focused on fighting TERRORISM!!! Let's start by fighting TERRORISM right here in our own backyard, shall we? Terrorism in LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA. By the way boys, DON'T FORGET, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for Domestic Terrorism in the State of Arizona.

You met the Domestic Terrorist brothers, now let me introduce you to the two Lake Havasu City cops that found humor in the brothers reign of terror, and encouraged them to continue with their felony behavior. FEDERAL FELONY BEHAVIOR!!!

                 EX LHC Police Capt. Joe Fiumara                                                          EX Police Lt. Richie Sloma

Let me give a little background on these two cops. Then you know up front that the Lake Havasu City Municipal Government has a patent on CORRUPTION!! Joe Fiumara was being accused of COVERING UP THE RAPE OF A MINOR, at the exact same time he allowed the brothers to commit the ARSON of my house. Not only did Fiumara know about the ARSON plans one month prior to the actual ARSON, Fiumara then thought he was smart enough to cover up the ARSON, with the help of his crooked side kick, Richie Sloma. These two left an unbelievable paper trail proving their attempted cover-up. And the two TERRORIST brothers left an unbelievable paper trail, proving they are guilty of the ARSON of my house!!

In the same time frame that Fiumara and Sloma  gave the brothers the all clear to commit the ARSON, the City Manager was making front page news for dropping his pants on more than one occasion in front of female reporters. It's true, just Google Richard Kaffenberger. The City Attorney Paul Lenkowsky was making headlines because his law license was suspended, for UNETHICAL behavior. The State Bar of Arizona vs. Paul Lenkowsky. Having a suspended law license did NOT keep Lenkowsky from practicing law on behalf of Lake Havasu City, and the city allowed him to continue working on a suspended license. So when it becomes necessary to file a Notice of Claim against the City Government, the crooked, corrupt bunch named above are the same crooked, corrupt individuals that deal with every aspect of your NOC. Just keep that in the back of your mind as you read this story.