Ronald Lynn Massey & Timothy Joseph (T.J.) Wilson, Jr.


 These two criminals deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison, and I intend to make certain that happens!! Ronnie and T.J. intentionally caused over $25,000.00 in vandalism damage to our house, when I was forced to evict them from the house. For the next 30 days after causing the damage, the brothers posted on social media, their plans to burn the house. The brothers then posted the photos above on social media, along with threats to kill us. Ronnie fled to California to bum off of his girlfriends family, and T.J. was left homeless. Ronnie stated several times on social media that if I did not allow T.J. to stay in the house until he could find another place to live, they would burn the house to the ground, then end my life.

Exactly 30 days after causing over $25,000.00 in damage to the house, the house went up in flames! First to arrive on the scene was Lake Havasu City Police Lt. Richie Sloma, Fire Marshal Chip Shilosky and Fire Fighter Nathan Adler. Those seen RUNNING from the scene of the ARSON were Ronald Lynn Massey and Timothy Joseph Wilson, Jr.

This is NOT the end of this story, by a long shot. Please click on the Havasu tab (page 2), ROUND 1 (page 3) and Round 2 (page 4) tabs to read the entire story and see the massive paper trail left by the criminal TERRORIST brothers and the criminal cops. Finally, click on the "Undeniable Proof of Corruption" page.


                     Tile Marble Terrazzo Union Local # 18  in El Monte, California....Ronald Massey's is a member

                     La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza  in Bellingham, Washington....T.J. Wilson's last known employer

                     Taser International  in Phoenix, Arizona & Las Vegas, Nevada....Ex Police Captain Joe Fiumara's last known employer

                     Mohave Community College & River Scene Magazine   in Lake Havasu....Nathan Adler's last known employer

Let me say this one last time, and make myself perfectly clear. There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for DOMESTIC TERRORISM in the State of Arizona. Police Chief Dan Doyle.....That INCLUDES Lake Havasu City, Arizona!!!! All of you participated in the ARSON and DOMESTIC TERRORISM, the same as the terrorist brothers did. That is Ronald Massey and Melanie Diane Serna Massey below...standing in front of and pointing to the house Ronnie and TJ torched. This photo was taken in 2016 when they returned to the scene of the crime guessed it!!  A Kodak moment!! Then Ronnie Massey went out of his way to insure I received a copy of the dated photo!!